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Is the affiliate?

An affiliate program where you can receive a commission from us in a way giving reference Ardhosting to your friends or other party, then the party you refer do order & payment.

What are the benefits of the affiliate program?

  • Earn commissions from the sale of our hosting the party you refer.
  • Getting a commission of 7.5% - 15% (varies by product / service ordered through an affiliate link). For shared hosting amount of commission is 15%, while the amount of commission to the reseller package is 7.5%. For domain registration does not earn a commission.

How does the affiliate program?

Logo & Banner

For the installation of banners you can use the direct link or a way to upload to your account. Even you are allowed to make modifications as necessary to attract more attention to your website visitors.

Here are some banners and logos that you can use:

Logo Ardhosting Copy + Paste Affiliate Code

Terms and Rules

By filling out the affiliate registration form, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand, and agree.

Responsibilities of members:

  • Each member must refrain from actions and the things that are related to SPAM and the like in the promotion
  • Membership is going to be discontinued unilaterally and any existing credit will also be canceled if it is proven to spam, abuse or the like.
  • Promotion can be done through: placement of banners, text links, hover ads, etc..

Bonus, Commission and Payment

  • The Commission will automatically be added to your control panel in the event of the sale and payment of the transaction occurred.
  • The amount of commission in the event of the sale and payment transactions by clients was 7.5% - 15%.
  • The commission will be sent to each member's account after a user requests a withdrawal affiliate. Each member must provide clear and accurate information about the account number designated for delivery commission.
  • Ardhosting not responsible if there are things that are caused due to misinformation about the account number..
  • Bonuses and commissions will be paid within one month if the amount already exceeds the minimum commission payment. Ardhosting commission sets the minimum limit of Rp 100,000 per month. If the commission amount in the current month is less than Rp 100,000, it will be accumulated in the next month.

Approval and Abuse

  • Each affiliate member must comply with all existing regulations in Ardhosting.
  • We are not responsible for and acquitted of all charges in the event of damage or loss of data associated with this affiliate program either directly or indirectly.
  • We do not claim that the affiliate program is error-free, and we can not incur any charges due to the fault of the affiliate program or script.
  • In the event of violation of existing regulations in Ardhosting, it will be subject to fines of U.S. $ 250,000 and the elimination of the following affiliate membership and commission all the information in it.
  • These regulations can be changed at any time.

FAQ & Additional Information

  • Any product that gives bonuses / commissions affiliate?

    Currently affiliate commissions apply to shared hosting and reseller hosting for new orders.

  • What products does not give bonuses / commissions affiliate?

    new products a good domain registration and domain transfers

    • - Product server colocation, dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers
    • - hosting promo product specific (eg: Promo Gifts Direct)
    • - All products that are an extension both domains, hosting and servers
  • What is the difference with reseller system?

    system is only recommended course, you do not need to perform the technical and non-technical support, billing, and so forth. In contrast to the reseller, where you have to sell and give full support to your clients.

  • Can I use this referral link to my own?

    photo. It is caused due to the limitations of our billing application (WHMCS), an affiliate bonuses will not count if the order is made ​​from the same username. For that use the order by using a different email (2 log, one used as the affiliate and the only one used for the placement of your order).

Logo Ardhosting Copy + Paste Affiliate Code

Logo Ardhosting Copy + Paste Affiliate Code

Logo Ardhosting Copy + Paste Affiliate Code

Logo Ardhosting Copy + Paste Affiliate Code

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